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Backwater Valve

A key part of any home restoration, a Backwater Valve installation from CAP Waterproofing offers peace of mind to homeowners.


When heavy rainstorms fall within a short period of time, city sewer systems in the GTA and surrounding area can easily become overwhelmed. The results can be a devastating mess for homeowners, a mess that can be prevented with a properly installed Backwater Valve from CAP Waterproofing.


Overloaded city sewer systems can back-up through residential sewer lines, leaving a shocking amount of damage in their wake. A Backwater Valve is a 100% guaranteed one-way device that automatically closes if sewage from the main city lines backs-up and threatens your residence.

Backwater Valve the perfect solution

CAP Disaster before it happens!


Placed ahead of all outlets and fixtures, a Backwater Valve works to ensure that back-up will not seep through other outlets and fixtures in your basement. Eve drought should be disconnected, to stop water from the weeping tiles flowing back through your basement floor drain.


Caring for your Backwater Valve is easy. Ensure the valve is accessible at all times, and check on it regularly. Backwater Valves must be cleaned every 6 months.

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