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Concrete is the core building block of most structures, from the vast poured concrete foundations of commercial developments to high-rises, bridges, water reservoirs and more. Although concrete is most durable, it is subject to water damage, rebar corrosion, not to mention the freeze-thaw cycles of our harsh Canadian winters. As a result, large portions of structures may need a total rebuild. However, with CAP Waterproofing & Coating’s experienced concrete repair team, you can often avoid a complete tear- down. Our restoration and deficiency services provide specialized processes to repair any concrete damage!

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CAP Waterproofing’s team utilizes a unique line of products – with “monolithic adhesion properties” that are second to none – for our concrete repair, patch work, industrial floor coating and waterproofing. Our projects have spanned from the sealing and waterproofing of below-grade structures, to foundations, pools, tunnels, energy and wastewater treatment facilities, and much more. With this monolithic adhesion, restorations are no longer simply patch work, since they become structures as strong as the original section, upon restoration.

CAP Waterproofing provides industry-leading, in-house expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver innovative concrete restoration solutions. We have worked on countless challenging structural cracks, concrete delamination and pillar disintegration projects utilizing our diverse, well-honed techniques. Airports, sports complexes, underground concourses, high-rise office towers, places of worship and more, have all benefited from our concrete cutting, grinding, patchwork, water blasting as well as overhead and vertical repair restoration services.

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We provide the BEST WARRANTY IN THE INDUSTRY for Residential & Commercial Properties, guaranteeing the project will be completed on time and totally up to your standards. We are committed to providing a seamless, positive experience and leaving a lasting, positive impression for our clients and our communities alike.

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