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Residential Drainage Systems

CAP Waterproofing & Drains delivers a totally turn-key, seamless, quality experience…from inception to completion!


Seeking a solution to water retention within your property? Whether you struggle with Low-lying areas that collect water, or soil that holds too much moisture, we can provide you with an Answer that will guarantee less water worries.


At CAP Waterproofing we understand that no two homes are the same. Each residential property we visit throughout the GTA and Surrounding Area is Unique, just like their owners. From French Drains to Weeping Tile Systems, using different types of aggregate, etc., our experts will work with your individual needs and concerns to develop an approach that you feel comfortable with, and that allows for proper water diversion and drainage.


• French Drains   • Weeping Systems   • Grading

Commercial Plumbing, Drain Replacement & Drain Cleaning

At CAP Waterproofing we guarantee to find the ideal drainage solution for your property.


Trust CAP Waterproofing’s team to provide solutions for all your plumbing and drain related problems, with our in-house Industry Certified Plumbers. We understand the potential urgency of your needs and will respond with our comprehensive list of plumbing and drain related services:


  • All Plumbing repairs: Riser Replacement, Valve Replacement etc.
  • Clean-out Installation
  • All Drain Installion and Replacement
  • Power Flushing for Kitchen Stacks and Main Drains
  • Catch Basins, Area Drains and Sump Pit Cleaning
  • Drain Snaking: Kitchen/Basin Sinks, Toliets, Floor Drains & More.

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