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Elevator Pits

When time-sensitive problems arise with standing water in elevator pits, CAP Waterproofing & Coatings have become the trusted go-to team, to provide solutions in a most expedient manner.


Whether your business involves high-rise office towers, elite multi-storey condominiums, hospitals, upscale malls, lavish hotels or manufacturing plants, elevators are the lifeline of your buildings! Without their respective elevators functioning in the proper manner, all of your operations and countless linked businesses would suffer crippling losses.

Elevator Pits


When the waterproofing system fails in the elevator pit – the fixing platform for mechanical fittings – since it is below grade, the ingress of water is most detrimental in attacking the concrete. This can result in devastating problems to the elevator’s mechanical system and time is of the essence for the health and safety of all, to complete urgent repairs and restorations.


Our knowledgeable and well-seasoned team will assess the situation and identify the source of the problem:


  • Cracks in the surrounding concrete allowing water seepage
  • Tie rod points
  • Piping & Flooring
  • High water tables which result in negative pressure on concrete substrate
  • Failing or missing joints.


Based on our findings, CAP’s team will recommend one of the many different options for the prompt restoration and waterproofing of your elevator pits, as follows:


  • Crystalline Waterproofing
  • A Tubed Grid System for Concrete Block
  • Water Diversion Options
  • Raising of Elevator Floors
  • Drain/Scupper Repair or Installation

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