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Expansion Joint Repair

Negative & Positive Side


CAP Waterproofing’s expertly applied expansion joints are vital to the longevity of diverse vertical / horizontal concrete and asphalt structures, which are subjected to the extreme temperature swings of our Canadian climate. Their main function is to mitigate the resultant seasonal heaving from hot to cold and back to hot repeatedly, thereby minimizing the potential deterioration over time.

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The Specialty Products We Use Have a Stellar 60 Year Proven Track Record!


CAP Waterproofing & Coatings has created a unique process to repair expansion joints…from the negative side! The specialty products we use have a stellar 60 year proven track record, and we have contributed to their success by applying them to:


  • Mass Transit Tunnels
  • Underground Garage Ceilings & Walls
  • Bridges, Sidewalks & Driveways
  • Airport Tarmacs
  • Swimming Pool Decks


Application from the negative side results not only in the displacement of 100% of the water but also results in a substantial cost reduction! This product is essential for concrete repairs, floor coating, patch work, and of course, waterproofing. The end result is a durable finish which also reinforces the longevity of the horizontal or vertical surfaces being treated. Since it is clear, it can also be mixed with coloured powder or flakes for a truly customized look. Using innovative, technologically advanced restoration materials and the wide variety of services offered by CAP Waterproofing, expansion joint repair can be done from either the negative or positive side. On the positive side, CAP is also well equipped to carry out reparation in a very efficient manner, going from membrane to asphalt and curb…seamlessly.

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