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Click through the photos below to learn more about our products and services at CAP Waterproofing & Drains Inc.! This photo gallery displays a wide variety of our waterproofing and plumbing capabilities, available for those in and around the GTA. Get in touch with us to learn more details today.



CAP Waterproofing & Drains offers a wide range of residential services such as Exterior 7 Layer System, Interior Crystalline, Window Well & Drainage Systems, Drain Camera Inspections, Interior Weeper Systems, and lastely we also offer a Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

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CAP Waterproofing & Drains offers a wide range of Commercial services such as complete restoration of underground parking garages and we also specialize in various types of expansion joints additionally we also do concrete pool restorations & traffic coatings.

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CAP Waterproofing & Drains offers a wide range of industrial services such as Industrial traffic coatings for warehouses, food grade coatings for food plant warehouse floors and water treatment facilities.

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CAP Waterproofing & Drains offers a wide range of plumbing services such as Drain camera inspections, snaking of drains, power flushing of stacks and main drains, catch basin cleaning, sump pump, pits & all other plumbing repairs.

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Sump Pump


Water is then directed towards a Sump Pump and discharged to grade level outdoors, which will guarantee the relief of hydro static pressure on your foundations walls.

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No problem with the innovative Interior Weeper. This waterproofing method is used primarily on block foundations, or in Home Restoration projects where excavation is not an option. The Interior Weeper product is positioned below your flooring and above the home’s footings, allowing any water to penetrate through many relief holes.

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Residential Crystalline


Sand-blast/water-blast or brush tool the area to remove all the paint and scarify the surface to open the pores and the capillaries of the concrete where necessary. U-groove all cracks and cold joints 1/2 inch – 1 inch. Remove all loose concrete and any other contaminants.

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Elevator Pits


Whether your business involves high-rise office towers, elite multi-storey condominiums, hospitals, upscale malls, lavish hotels or manufacturing plants, elevators are the lifeline of your buildings! Without their respective elevators functioning in the proper manner, all of your operations and countless linked businesses would suffer crippling losses.

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Pool Restoration


Let our service team transform your existing pool to that feeling of something new, and rejuvenate your backyard into your own personal oasis. We will provide a free yard visit assessment of your pool (by appointment), and provide you a quote on your pool renovation options, to get your pool to where you want it to be!

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