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Pool Restoration

A key part of any pool is the restoration process to ensure your family’s safety. CAP Waterproofing offers peace of mind to homeowners.


Over time any pool naturally begins to age, developing various signs of wear and tear within the concrete structure. This occurrence is expected, and should be carefully inspected to insure the longevity and safe operation of your pool. This way for many years to come your friends and family can enjoy together.


Concrete is the core building block of most pool structures, it is subject to water damage, rebar corrosion, not to mention the freeze-thaw cycles of our harsh Canadian winters. As a result, large portions of structures may need a total rebuild. However, with CAP Waterproofing & Coating’s experienced concrete repair team, you can often avoid a complete tear- down. Our restoration and deficiency services provide specialized processes to repair any concrete damage!

Pool Restoration by CAP Waterproofing, Burlington Ontario
CAP Pool Restoration, Burlington Ontario

The Perfect Solution

CAP Disaster before it happens!


CAP Waterproofing’s team utilizes a unique line of products – with “monolithic adhesion properties” that are second to none – for our concrete repair, patch work, and waterproofing. With this monolithic adhesion, restorations are no longer simply patch work, since they become structures as strong as the original section, upon restoration.

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