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Parking Lot Expansion Joints Using PolyForce


This product is essential for concrete repairs, floor coating, patch work, and of course, waterproofing. PolyForce Plus offers a durable finish and reinforces the longevity of your flooring. Since it is clear, it can also be mixed with colored powder or flakes for a personalized touch. With the use of polyforce and the wide variety of services offered by CAP Waterproofing Expansion joint repair can be done from either the Negative or Positive side.

Crystalline Waterproofing Technology


We supply crystalline waterproofing products that are proven to protect architectural structures and prevent concrete from carbonization. This surface coating is a nontoxic, environmentally-friendly waterproofing material that offers a permanent solution for your concrete floors. Crystalline processes do not crack or tear, providing a smooth surface that prevents permeation and promotes self-rehabilitation.


What is Crystalline? Crystalline concrete waterproofing was originally developed for the Atomic Nuclear Industry and National Defense in China. Crystalline is now available for commercial use. Crystalline concrete waterproofing is a non-toxic capillary crystalline waterproof material used as a surface coating to protect infrastructure from deterioration. Specifically, Crystalline will protect infrastructure from rapid freeze and thaw cycles, water, chloride ion and other contaminants. Crystalline itself is anti-corrosive, allowing for long lasting results.