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Underground Interior Crystalline

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Crystalline System


Sand-blast/water-blast or brush tool the area to remove all the paint and scarify the surface to open the pores and the capillaries of the concrete where necessary. Remove all loose concrete and any other contaminants. Apply Crystalline*B* in a perpendicular direction of the first coat (First coat-vertical, Second coat-horizontal).


All work areas will be ready for your painting contractor after completion and curing. (Recommended to use a breathable emulsion type of paint over Crystalline products) Apply one coat of Crystalline C/D over Crystalline*B* when B isn’t sticky to the touch; this allows Crystalline to remain hydrated during the 24 hour curing process.


Wait approximately 30-60 minutes or until the coating does not stick to the finger. (Drying time depends on ambient tempurature) Apply Crystalline*A* insta-plug where necessary to stop any active water flow. U-groove all cracks and cold joints 1/2 inch – 1 inch.

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